Run Speed Performance (RSP) was founded in November 2011 by Jonathan Johnson, Oly: RSP provides innovative training methods for all athletes and talent levels. Our team of coaches look forward to coaching athletes who desire to achieve optimal sports performance to achieve competition goals.  Athletes set their own stage for success and our coaches provide the athlete with development plans for success. We strive to create a positive training environment for the development of our members to ensure they receive high quality coaching and stay on track for their overall athlete development.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: one to one training the athlete receives the sole attention of the coach, who accelerates the learning curve through customized training based on the individual needs and competition goals. Price range $65 – $75 per session

ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT GROUP TRAINING : athletes have an opportunity to work with other focus athletes in a group training environment. The coach structures the training plan and the athletes work together to maximize their individual training experience; meaning athletes cannot slack off as each athlete holds each other accountable. Price $199 month to month

TRACK CLUB TRAINING: train in a controlled competitive environment while advancing your track skills through innovative training methods. Improve running and sprint efficiency, bio-mechanics, sprint speed, strength and endurance for optimal track and field performance. Price $199 month to month

RUN CLUB: do you enjoy running, competing in a 5k, 10k, half, or full marathon or just the social aspect of being a part of a running club to reach peak running times or fitness levels? Look no further, run club provides instructional training to beginners – advanced runners. Members receive weekly training through our partner app and in person training, focusing on improving running bio-mechanics, speed, and strength. Price $125 month to month

Mission Statement

Mission: never leave behind an athlete who desires to improve their talent regardless of their athletic abilities. We believe every athlete deserves an opportunity to compete at a high level and that an athlete willing to put in the work can accomplish more than the most talented athlete who has no desire, fight, or will to achieve optimal sports performance.
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