American Indoor offers you the opportunity to host your camp out of the Texas heat and completely eliminate the chance of a rain-out, all for a very affordable price.


Rental for a 5 day – 3 hour/day camp on the Main Field is priced as follows:

$800 non-refundable deposit (also minimum fee for holding a 5 day – 3 hour/day camp) 

Deposit is due 3 weeks prior to scheduled camp start date

Calculated Camp Fee

25% of expected revenue based on the “published” camp rate charged times the number in attendance with a $800 minimum (the deposit previously paid) up to a

(the $800 deposit is applied as part of the total fee)

Failure to pay the calculated balance at the end of day 1 of the camp will result in the remainder of the camp being cancelled.

To qualify for a “Camp Rental Rate” rather than a “general rental rate” the rental must be 4 – 5 consecutive days for at least 2 hours each day.

Rates for camps other than 5 days and 3 hours/day (see above) will be calculated upon request.


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