Below are listed items that, as Captain or organizer or designated leader, you need to make your team aware. Excuses that “I was not told” will fall back on you and the fact that everything contained here is covered in more detail on notices throughout the building and on the web site.

“ODD DAY” Exception Policy

In an effort to accommodate as many teams wishing to play, American Indoor has a policy referenced “odd Day” exception games.

Essentially, on any given play day 16 Adult teams can be accommodated for play weekdays between 6:00 PM and 11:15 PM starting times. On Sunday 32 Adult teams can play with game times starting at Noon and continuing with the last game starting at 11:15 PM. American Indoor, at their teams’ request, has specifically abstained from starting earlier than 6:00 (as do several facilities) and later that 11:15 PM (as do several facilities) weekdays and before noon on Sundays due to church.

Under normal circumstances Saturday and possibly Monday are days where registrations may leave “play slots” open (unused due to the number of teams registered for those days). In an effort to accommodate as many teams as possible considering the time constraints detailed in the previous paragraph, American Indoor has, as do most popular, highly subscribed facilities, required some play for teams registering for a specific day on a day where “play spots are open”. American Indoor requires each team, when registrations are sufficient to warrant odd day games, to play one or possibly 2 games not on the day the team wished at registration.

Teams finding this system unacceptable need not register as generally there will be “Odd Day” games for most leagues.

Do not confuse Odd Day Games with Weather or Holiday Make-up games which may also be on days other than the one requested at registration.

With the installation of the “NEW” field and in an effort to keep it clean, spitting, gum and tobacco products are banned from use on the field at all times and those breaking the ban will be dealt with in strict accordance with the rules.

Only approved indoor shoes are allowed on the field. A player can wear flat athletic shoes (tennis shoes, sneakers) or indoor turf shoes (each shoe MUST have 40 or more “nubs” of the same height, maximum of 1/4 of an inch).

Uniform number policy for adult teams. Each player MUST have a unique (that means different) number minimum 5” in height of 1 or 2 digits (not bigger than 99) ironed or screened on prior to playing. Numbers partially or completely falling off must be replaced. Numbers must be centered on the back of the jersey approx. 6” below the neckline. THIS IS IMPORTANT – IF 2 OR MORE PLAYERS ARE WEARING THE SAME NUMBER (REMEMBER YOU MUST HAVE A UNIQUE NUMBER) ANY PENALTY, SUSPENION, OR, IN THE CASE OF COED, GOALS SCORED WILL COUNT AGAINST THAT NUMBER NOT AN INDIVIDUAL. IN OTHER WORDS EACH OF THE SAME NUMBER GETS THE SAME PENALTY. THIS INCLUDES RED CARDS AND TIME PENALTIES DURING THE GAME. UNDERSTAND THIS AS WE WILL NOT DISCUSS IT FURTHER.

All team fees are due at the first game.  If you are not able to pay the full balance, a minimum of $275 is due at the first game AND a $50 late fee is applied to the balance.  You have 3 total weeks to pay the balance if you cannot pay at the first game.

If any player or visitor is found to be in possession, whether open or not, of alcoholic beverages he/she will be penalized as displayed in the facility and on the web site.

Fighting as defined on various posters and on the web site will continue to be dealt with sternly.

Read and UNDERSTAND the rules on Handling and Slide Tackling.

Read and UNDERSTAND the jersey number policy.

Read and UNDERSTAND the reschedule and holiday/weather make up policy.

Dissent is dealt with by a BLUE CARD and a 2 minute time penalty.

All schedules and information are on the web site.

Before you complain about a referee be sure you have read the rules of soccer and understand what you have read.

In order to play a player must have a VALID AMERICAN INDOOR player registration. You as captain are responsible for players attempting to play illegally.

This is not everything but rather the high points. Please encourage your players to visit the web site and read the notices posted in the building. “I DID NOT KNOW” is not an excuse at American Indoor.


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