“ODD DAY” Exception Policy

In an effort to accommodate as many teams wishing to play, American Indoor has a policy referenced “odd Day” exception games.

Essentially, on any given play day 16 Adult teams can be accommodated for play weekdays between 6:00 PM and 11:15 PM starting times. On Sunday 32 Adult teams can play with game times starting at Noon and continuing with the last game starting at 11:15 PM. American Indoor, at their teams’ request, has specifically abstained from starting earlier than 6:00 (as do several facilities) and later that 11:15 PM (as do several facilities) weekdays and before noon on Sundays due to church.

Under normal circumstances Saturday and possibly Monday are days where registrations may leave “play slots” open (unused due to the number of teams registered for those days). In an effort to accommodate as many teams as possible considering the time constraints detailed in the previous paragraph, American Indoor has, as do most popular, highly subscribed facilities, required some play for teams registering for a specific day on a day where “play spots are open”. American Indoor requires each team, when registrations are sufficient to warrant odd day games, to play one or possibly 2 games not on the day the team wished at registration.

Teams finding this system unacceptable need not register as generally there will be “Odd Day” games for most leagues.

Do not confuse Odd Day Games with Weather or Holiday Make-up games which may also be on days other than the one requested at registration.

If your fans misbehave we will follow professional soccer’s lead and ban fans at your next game

Article from the Dallas Morning News


No fans allowed for Juventus

The Italian federation has upheld a Ruling ordering Juventus to play its next Serie A home game in an empty stadium as punishment for racist insults hurled by fans at Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli. An Italian sports judge ruled last week that Juventus must play against Lecce in an empty stadium on May 3. Juventus apologized for the racist abuse but appealed the ruling, maintaining Balotelli and other players were booed at many other matches and the Turin-based club was being singled out for punishment.

The Associated Press


The ban would apply to the guilty team’s fans as well as the opponent for the next game to be played. This penalty has been applied in the past on at least one occasion at AISF.


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