Play for Less, Much Less

League Discounts & How to Get One

Is indoor soccer too expensive for your taste?

Do you want to play year-round but the budget says NO?

Do you have committed players?


American Indoor offers teams the ability to play in most cases six seasons a year for essentially the cost of five.  This is how it works:

Play a season (your first season) at regular price (currently $675 which includes league and referee fees).

When you register for your “full pay season” and before you play your first game, pre-register for the next season by placing a $100 non-refundable deposit for that next season.

When the next season arrives you will owe $475 (or $100 less than the applicable FULL rate at the time) for that season.  Pre-register again and continue the process again.

After your first season play 5 additional, consecutive seasons and essentially your sixth is almost free.


If you elect not to play a season for which you pre-registered your $100 deposit is lost.

Your league and referee fees MUST be paid in full at your first game of the season.  If not you will revert to the full pay season rate ($675) less your previous deposit.

Pre-registrations can not be transferred between teams or deferred to another season.

You can not pre-register after playing your first game of a new season.









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