League Discounts & How to Get One Is indoor soccer too expensive for your taste? Do you want to play year-round but the budget says NO? Do you have committed players?   American Indoor offers teams the ability to play in most cases six seasons a year for essentially the cost of five.  This is
Local Soccer Complex Comparison January 24, 2011   In an effort to give players data on area indoor soccer facilities so that informed decisions can be made on where to play the following information was gathered.  The data was researched on each facility’s web site and, to verify data, by actually calling each complex and
Earn a $50 Discount for each team in Your League  It’s Easy (So Easy a Caveman Can Do It)!   For any league for youth at American Indoor gather commitments from a MINIMUM of 5 teams of a single age group and have them register TOGETHER.   Each team will be given a $50 discount
Illegal Handling Handling was a revision FIFA made in the late 1990’s that affected the old “hand ball rule” that players and parents are so attached to.  The “Handling Rule” can be reviewed by going to the FIFA web site or by Googling “FIFA Hand Ball Rule”. In this rule it is stated that it

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